Client Success

Prognos Health is as committed to our customers as we are to improving health. Our client success team provides a comprehensive, multi-dimensional approach to support your many initiatives and to help reduce financial and clinical risk for your health plans and your insured members. We work closely with you from the beginning of the engagement and establish a mutually beneficial implementation plan.

Throughout implementation process our highly experienced client success team brings the right resources and subject matter experts to the project including clinical, technical, and quality assurance. Beyond the initial implementation, Prognos Health will train and support your team on site or remotely.

  1. Setup

    We select the best possible team of experts who are aligned to the needs of your project

  2. Kick-off

    During this stage we begin implementation planning, identify key stakeholders and project leads, understand key success factors from your perspective, and identify any limiting factors

  3. Development

    Prognos will work with our partners and suppliers to understand data inclusion criteria, file formats, field contents and any usage limitations. If the data is to be integrated into an existing deliverable, this process is set up and tested. Additionally any data tagging and data standardization occurs during this phase.

  4. Quality Review

    Quality Assurance (QA) plans are documented and followed by a dedicated QA team. If appropriate, data cleansing may also occur during this phase.

  5. Production Release

    Once the data has passed the QA stage, deliverables are scheduled and the data is updated based on the frequency established in the contract. Access rules are established to adhere to use cases and linking limitations are established, to prevent users from trying to link two data sets where that linking has not been certified as passing privacy standards.

  6. Ongoing Support

    Prognos supports every client with a post implementation walk-through session to ensure that the data has been received properly and key users are comfortable accessing and interpreting the data. The Client Success team will also work with the client to set up regularly occurring success meetings to provide them with assistance related to the initial  integration changing needs and issues as they arise.

The Prognos team is always here to advise, but we’re also great listeners. And your opinion matters.

The Prognos Client Success Team conducts a semi-annual survey to measure our Net Promoter Score. Our score is on par with some of the most well recognized brands in the industry. That doesn’t mean we sit on our laurels. We’re always trying harder to understand where we can improve.