Introducing prognosFACTOR®

Have your cake and slice it too.

Ready-made insights from ready-made data.

Forget working with disparate
and messy healthcare data.

Go from months to minutes.

With prognosFACTOR, a clinically rich cohort and a patient journey is now just clicks away. 

  • Design your own or choose from 60+ pre-built cohorts on a wide range of disease areas
  • The FACTOR Cohort Designer is complimentary and the process is simple to get started
Factor this
  • prognosFACTOR is updated with data on 325M patients in near real time so your cohort never goes stale
  • Iterate on the fly with an array of data from our marketplace, but only purchase the data you need
  • 30B+ harmonized lab test results
  • Closed medical claims data including the combined healthcare claims in the U.S. of patients from dozens of commercial health plans reflecting 70M lives including Medicare Advantage and Medicaid
  • Timely prescription and medical claims from multiple, open-source suppliers to support marketing and educational tactics

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Data Faster. Action Sooner.

VP of Life Science Solutions, Melissa Leonhauser, demonstrates the ease of designing a cohort in a manner of minutes.