Accelerate Clinical Trial Success

Make diagnostic insights an integral part of your clinical trial methodology and recruitment

With access to longitudinal and near real time clinical diagnostic data on patients being treated by HCPs your ability to plan, engage and act sooner just got more faster and more precise. And in this time of COVID19 uncertainty, the ability to proceed with clinical trials has never been more difficult. We can make it easier.

Clinical Data That’s Ready to Factor

  1. PLANUnderstand HCP testing patterns and volumes to determine high value patient populations to allow for geographic site selection⚬ Identify HCPs ordering tests for your ideal patient cohort down to the Practice/Zip – level
    ⚬ Analyze patient flow between sites and referrals
  2. TARGETIdentify target patients and HCPs based upon lab results that provide a timely ability to recruit clinical trial patients that meet your protocol criteria.⚬ Lab-based alerts built for Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) & Medical Affairs to engage with HCPs
    ⚬ Leverage inclusion / exclusion criteria for cohort development to match protocol
  3. RECRUITRecruit eligible clinical trial candidates through multi-channel effort⚬ Execute programmatic advertising campaigns to HCPs for trial opt in
    ⚬ Track and monitor patients disease progression for enrollment

Prognos can provide granular reporting so that different patient and physician-level analytics can be applied or we can provide summarized reporting at a cadence that works for your business need.

Drive Success Across the Commercial Lifecycle

Know what’s happened.
See what’s happening.
And get out in front.