Pharmaceutical Marketing Solutions

In a highly competitive market, timing is everything. Having the data-driven insights needed to capture patient share is critical to brand success and overall market performance. Prognos pharmaceutical marketing solutions can provide your brand team with weekly alerts of physicians who are about to treat those patients who are best served by your brand —allowing you to intervene before the physician makes a treatment decision. This direction can help your brand:

  • Accelerate product adoption
  • Grow market share, and most importantly
  • Enhance a patient’s treatment option

By leveraging our pharmaceutical marketing platform of standardized lab-testing records, and using AI and machine learning capabilities along with our clinical domain expertise, we’re able to help you pinpoint patients and their treating physicians, so you can target those stakeholders with strategic, well-timed outreach and information. This will help improve patient health outcomes and support your brand objectives.

Physician Marketing Starts with Physician Targeting

A vital exercise for every branded therapy is to identify which physicians and other healthcare providers are most likely to treat patients who could be served by that therapy. Once determined, this “target list” can be used over again by different functions throughout your organization, to help support marketing and outreach efforts that are aimed at physicians and physician practices. And while historical information on prescribing behavior and the diagnosis of patients will be cornerstones in determining your list, you should also factor in additional pharmaceutical marketing solutions that can provide insights derived from analyzing laboratory-testing data.

Lab testing plays a critical role in how physicians evaluate a patient’s condition and choose therapy. Especially for therapies that are targeted for, or treat, only a subset of patients, it’s imperative to know which physicians are ordering the most relevant clinical lab tests for their patients,  and which prescribers are currently treating patients whose lab-testing results indicate a specific gene mutation or other targeted biomarker. For instance, if your branded therapy treats non-small cell lung cancer patients with the anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK) gene mutation, knowing which physicians are commonly testing their non-small cell lung cancer patients for the ALK mutation is essential. Physicians who order a high volume of testing for a biomarker of interest are likely to be of more value to your brand (and thus should be prioritized to receive educational information and outreach from your sales reps), as they’re most likely to have patients your branded therapy can treat.

Alerts of Physicians with Brand Eligible Patients

Today, more brands are moving away from static call plans and schedule-based, non-personal promotion and advertising. Instead, brands are directing their efforts in a more dynamic and strategic way. For these more-agile brands, Prognos offers a range of pharmaceutical marketing solutions providing a unique way to identify which physicians should be receiving a brand’s targeted messaging at any given time.

Physicians use lab tests to (1) Confirm a suspected diagnosis (2) Identify which treatments are most appropriate for a patient (3) Monitor if an existing condition is under control, and (4) Understand if the patient is tolerating their current therapy. These results come before — and thus influence — the therapy decisions a physician makes.

Prognos’ alerts inform brand teams when physicians are about see and treat eligible patients enabling intervention before the treatment decision is made.

Prognos Alert Types

Our clinical experts guide you on what information should trigger an alert. Our solutions leverage patients’ current and past diagnoses, test results, characteristics, and through a partnership with an industry-leading medical claims data provider, past therapies to create the targeted alerts.

Alerts can be used to direct any — and all — of your physician-aimed educational and promotional tactics.  We can work with your partners or deliver through your existing systems. Prognos Health is a certified Veeva technology partner so our alerts can be integrated into Veeva Suggestions.

CriteriaLab-test Confirmation
Newly diagnosed patientsSuspected condition
Patients with a certain gene mutationThe presence of that gene mutation
Patients whose disease has recurredPatient has relapsed
Patients who are in need of new therapyPatient’s condition is uncontrolled

Digital Programmatic Marketing for Pharma Brands

There are dollars wasted placing non-branded or brand advertisements on sites physicians frequent with the hope that they reach the right audience. With Prognos, you can super-charge your segmentation and advertise only to targeted physicians who are about to treat patients that can benefit from your brand.

Prognos will work with your trusted agencies and programmatic platforms to seamlessly activate our data-driven insights to enhance your digital marketing campaigns. We also have an established partnership with best-in-class programmatic platform Proclivity Systems to provide clients with a one-stop shop to activate our insights in this strategic channel.

Programmatic Advertising

Relevancy and timing through a system of ongoing intelligence: Incorporating our intelligence to fuel your programmatic advertising, targeted marketing and educational outreach gives you a competitive edge ensuring your digital advertisements and outreach efforts are seen by the best possible prescriber when they are actively online.

Physician Disease Education and Awareness

One of your goals is to inform physicians about the benefits of lab testing, following clinical guidelines, and why they should be testing for certain biomarkers. Prognos’ solutions will guide your team’s educational-outreach strategy and the resulting messaging making it highly relevant in terms of timing and content.

The Importance of Lab Testing

Lab testing is one of the most important tools used by physicians to help diagnose, monitor, and select an appropriate therapy option for their patients. Today the number of available lab tests and associated targeted therapies are growing. According to the article, “Enhancing the Clinical Value of Medical Laboratory Testing”, lab tests are widely regarded as integral in helping physicians to:

  • Detect medical conditions 
  • Establish an accurate diagnosis 
  • Select the right treatment 
  • Avoid delays in treatment
  • Prevent relapse 
  • Slow disease progression and reduce the need for long-term care