Pharmaceutical Sales Solutions for Sales Operations

Traditionally, pharma sales-rep deployment has relied on a “reach and frequency” model, whereby sales reps are given a set of physicians to support, and some direction from the home office on how often to call on them.

Brand teams typically rank physicians in tiers, based on the historic volume of prescriptions written, or how often they see patients with a condition-of-interest. Physicians who see many patients or who write relatively high volumes of prescriptions related to the brand are prioritized and called on the most frequently by the sales reps.

However, a shift is happening. Forward-looking brand teams are relying less on traditional methods that are based primarily on past prescribing activity. Instead, they are leveraging pharmaceutical sales solutions that include data-driven alerts that regularly identify which healthcare practitioners are about to treat [anonymized] patients — based on analysis of clinical lab-testing results — as those patients could be served (or better served) by their brand. Such insight can guide and inform pharma sales reps, allowing them to plan their physician outreach far more strategically.

1D Sales ops graphic 1 Field Force Optimization

The inefficiency and cost of sending out reps to the same high prescribing physicians to keep up with the competition isn’t sustainable.
1D sales ops graphic 2 Relevance-TIming
Prognos Alerts ensure the visit is relevant and timely – when that physician is most likely making a treatment decision.

Pharma Sales Strategy Starts with a Physician Target List

When creating or updating a physician target list for your reps to call on, it’s important to consider more than what conditions physicians treat or what therapies they prescribe and look to physician lab testing volumes and trends. This is especially true for specific therapies and for therapies that are used to treat segments of a population identified through lab testing.  

For instance, if your branded therapy is used to treat acute myeloid leukemia (AML) patients with the FLT3 gene mutation, you would want to understand and identify which physicians are consistently testing their AML patients for the FLT3 gene mutation, as those physicians are more likely to eventually identify a patient in need of your brand.

Including lab-testing behavior and information about a physician’s patient population will help refine your evaluation of high value physicians.

Alerts of Physicians with Brand Eligible Patients

Timing is everything

After years of directing reps to repeatedly call on high-volume prescribers — to maintain share of voice against competitor brands — many brand teams are now shifting their focus to maximize message relevancy by aligning both the content and the timing of a sales call to make it most impactful. The key is knowing when an eligible patient will be visiting their doctor, so they can appropriately time the sales call or educational outreach to the physician.

Prognos alerts sales leaders and reps when a patient who may  benefit from their branded therapy is about to visit their physician. We’re able to do this because our alerts are based on clinical lab testing and results — which is a critical factor that influences a physician’s diagnostic and prescribing decisions. Having timely access to such data-driven insights gives your reps a chance to intervene earlier.

Our clinical experts will work with your team to build Patient Profiles and rules for what defines a brand-eligible patient. You’ll be alerted when a current lab result indicates that one of these patients is about to see their physician. These patient profiles can be defined using patient diagnoses, specific lab tests, specific lab-test results, characteristics, and through our partnerships with leading healthcare data vendors, for current or prior therapies.

With Prognos alerts, your reps will be able to interact with and educate physicians when it will be most relevant, so that when the physician sees the brand-eligible patient, your message will be top-of-mind.

CRM Integration

As time is of the essence, we work with our customers to ensure that our alerts can quickly and easily integrate into your sales reps’ workflow. As a Veeva technology partner, we’ve developed a way to integrate our alerts into Veeva CRM’s Suggestions.

If you’d prefer to operationalize Prognos alerts in other ways, our Client Success team is happy to customize delivery into a format best suited to your everyday applications.