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prognosFACTOR™ transforms clinical lab data at an unparalleled scale.

There are unprecedented amounts of medical lab test results being generated  at a growing number of national, regional, hospital, and premier academic institutions. The prognosFACTOR platform takes all of this cumbersome and complex data and standardizes it. Then it’s enriched using sophisticated AI and machine learning techniques resulting in deep, data-driven clinical insights. Prognos can link such lab-testing-related insights to traditional real-world data (RWD) from other sources, as well as your choice of a wide range of options in an open data ecosystem —  all while making our data-driven insights amenable for your everyday downstream applications.

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Unlike transactional healthcare information such as medical claims or prescription data, lab testing results are not static, latent financial statements.

Rather, they are key, ongoing indicators of a patient’s health. And using lab-testing results is how physicians and healthcare practitioners make the majority of their clinical, diagnostic and prescribing decisions, including:

  • Confirming or ruling out a suspected diagnosis
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    Monitoring disease control and trajectory
  • Identifying the presence or absence of certain biomarkers to guide drug selection
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    Ensuring therapies are being well-tolerated

Our world-class team of data scientists, commercial and clinical experts have developed a vast clinical data repository and analytics platform. Complete with deep learning algorithms that enable targeted mapping of patients along a patient journey, from identifying those who are at early high risk, to newly diagnosed patients, to those who are not responding appropriately to their prescribed therapy. Prognos uses proprietary AI methodologies to analyze medical lab-testing results and make highly accurate, data-driven predictions about a patient’s risk for a variety of different illnesses and diseases — everything from asthma to oncologic conditions to rare and orphan diseases.

prognosFACTOR™ offers healthcare stakeholders economies of scale when it comes to managing cumbersome and complex lab results, and when such a vast data repository is enhanced with proprietary clinical algorithms, a rich variety of actionable insights will identify opportunities to intervene earlier and change outcomes.

  1. Features

    Operationalize rich clinical and fundamental patient information in a format amenable to analytics is critical to answering your most challenging healthcare questions.

  2. Partners

    Prognos is a data-agnostic partner and is able to integrate with many of the industry leading health data providers and prognosFACTOR is built using best-in-breed technical capabilities on the AWS stack.

  3. Conditions Covered

    Prognos covers a multitude of therapeutic areas across broad, rare, and oncology diseases