Health Data Platform Features

We’ve honed our technology expertise on clinical lab-testing data to make it available to our clients in a scalable manner. The ability to access actionable insights on patients in various stages of their health journey across multiple conditions gives healthcare stakeholders the ability to make timely decisions and drive best outcomes. Prognos understands that your ability to operationalize rich clinical and fundamental patient information in a format that is amenable to advanced analytics techniques is critical to answering your most challenging healthcare questions.

Clinical AI and Machine Learning Yield Powerful Actionable Insights via prognosFACTOR™

Our unique technology platform, prognosFACTOR™, takes unstructured clinical data and then moves it through a rigorous process to conform it, enrich it with emerging health data ecosystems, manage it, and ensure regulatory compliance and security. Our data scientists apply proprietary clinical algorithms, AI and machine learning to develop deep clinical profiles. But the machines don’t do it all. Prognos has an experienced clinical team that analyzes the insights and applies them to our solutions across healthcare needs.

Prognosis Transformed

Factoring in clinical diagnostic insights into evaluating healthcare decisions solves for a myriad of challenges facing the industry. Prognos solutions drive the opportunity to intervene earlier and change outcomes.

Data Sources

Our network continuously aggregated lab-testing data from major commercial labs at the national, regional, and local level as well as hospital, and premier educational institutions including specialty oncology and genetic testing labs. Prognos’ HIPAA- compliant cloud-based clinical data repository encompasses longitudinal, de-identified, patient-level data that spans many different pathologies in multiple therapeutic areas. Longitudinal data allows us to characterize the journey that patients experience prior to getting the correct diagnosis. Prognos is a data agnostic partner and is able to integrate with many of the industry-leading data providers and laboratories and we continue to expand our network as market needs evolve.

Data Management & Compliance

With the proliferation of data from multiple sources, Prognos focuses on strict adherence to regulatory requirements including HIPAA and HITRUST as well as ongoing data governance. This includes filling in gaps, reconciling records, removing duplicates and converting ICD codes from ICD 10 to 11 where necessary.

AI and Machine Learning

Prognos’ team of data scientists leverage our enormous cache of historical data and real-time data to build and train our proprietary algorithms. These are then refined iteratively to develop reliable, predictive modeling capabilities. The ability to develop advanced AI algorithms using de-identified longitudinal patient data, and then iteratively evaluate, refine and validate the coding and underlying logic to ensure precise, reliable modeled results, thereby ensuring accuracy when the resulting predictive algorithms are applied to data sets representing actual patients.

Data Linking 

Prognos has the ability to link with prescription, claims, and payer data from multiple sources. In addition, our clients can connect their own proprietary data to a variety of third-party data to generate unique insights on patients or plan members of interest to enhance its value increasing speed to market, and competitive advantage. Unlike other data linking options, working with Prognos and our partner, Datavant, means working with a neutral connectivity partner so you can choose which data partners you want to work with and on what terms. This minimizes switching costs if you decide to change  data partners over time.

Clinical Domain Expertise

Our clinical experts focus on transforming our lab-testing data into the most actionable source of lab information in the industry. This team has experience in the science, the industry, and most importantly, the healthcare informatics market. This unique combination of top talent, passion, and healthcare-specific experience provides an advantage that we believe few organizations can replicate. In addition, our clinical experts work closely with clients to develop solutions that are tailored to their business needs.

Tech Stack

Prognos leverages the most advanced technology available for predicting disease at the earliest possible time to reduce the burden of the patient journey. Our data scientists are recognized by AWS and other cutting edge companies such as Apache Spark™ Databricks as doing novel work in healthcare leveraging their latest technologies. Our platform is designed with the flexibility to introduce emerging technologies that drive improved efficiency.