Healthcare Providers Solutions

Healthcare delivery is becoming more complex in a quickly evolving, value-based world. Key stakeholders include:

  • Health systems
  • Clinical testing laboratories
  • Accountable Care Organizations (ACO)
  • Independent physician practices

These entities require innovative proactive care management approaches and more-effective interaction with other healthcare stakeholders to improve outcomes and lower costs. Many are pursuing new population management approaches and healthcare provider solutions related to rapid advances in big data, advanced analytic techniques and artificial intelligence. Bottom line, healthcare providers must make the best use of data-driven clinical insights — starting with effective data sharing with other healthcare stakeholders — to derive the most impactful clinical insights.

Secure and Compliant Data Sharing will Improve Overall Healthcare Data Analytics 

Prognos’ clinical insights ecosystem enables providers to contribute value to other healthcare stakeholders while accelerating their own clinical analytics needs. With Prognos Health, providers protect and share their clinical data, such as lab-testing results and EHR information via the Datavant ecosystem, ensuring patient privacy and discretion. (PHI sharing in a HIPAA secure environment is also available for appropriate use cases.)

Accessing the Prognos platform and applications supplement your clinical analytics efforts, using your patient-related data as well as linkable data made available by other participants to create a more comprehensive view of patients, informed by more intelligent health data analytics. Supported use cases include:

Supported use cases include:

Population Health Management

Cohort Creation and Analysis


Risk/Condition Stratification

Risk/Cost Prediction

Risk Adjustment

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Data Exploration

Care Gaps and Recommended Follow-ups

Data Cleanup and Harmonization

Structure Unstructured Data