The patient journey is used routinely by life science companies to understand the common paths that patients take both pre- and post-diagnosis. While it’s typically performed pre-launch so that the brand team can understand the market in detail, including the potential size of the population being targeted by the brand, understanding the patient journey is essential throughout the brand life cycle to market size, direct tactics, and solidify the brand’s value proposition.

Prognos and Datavant drive a patient-centric approach to study the often intricate process of diagnosis and treatment. To fully understand nuances of the journey, analyses may be performed for different segments (age groups, gender, comorbid conditions, etc.). The data in a patient journey is paramount in understanding how patients move through the journey, along with the important paths of interest. For example, for targeted therapies, this can be especially nuanced given the need to take additional data like biomarkers into consideration.

Key takeaways:

  • A broader integration of patient data will yield a more precise and meaningful cohort of patients
  • Adding lab data drives insights into HCP patient testing and treatment patterns
  • Connecting lab data to other real-world data (e.g. claims, EHR) at the patient level yields a more complete, holistic view of the patient journey


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