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Access to patient clinical insights in Real World Evidence (RWE) applications — from cohort building to patient journeys — will strengthen your commercial tactical execution.

Learn how to complement existing patient data assets with insights derived from comprehensive clinical lab test values.

Today, advanced technology, including AI and machine learning, enables a user to define and instantly generate a cohort including descriptive statistics such as age/gender distributions, patient counts, record counts, test, diagnosis, and Rx volumes, geographic distributions, and more.

In the webinar we’ll also look at:

  • Field Force Effectiveness
  • Unique Time-value of Clinical Applications in Omni-channel Strategies

About the Speakers:

Heather von Allmen, VP of HEOR/RWE, Prognos Health

Heather von Allmen is vice president of HEOR/RWE at Prognos. In this role, Heather is responsible for working with clients to understand their needs and help identify solutions to address them. Heather has spent her career working with patient level data. In her early career she developed clinical repositories for Hospital Information Systems for Shared Medical Systems. She then moved to IQVIA where she was a senior principal, developing and selling custom studies utilizing RWD. While there she also co-authored numerous papers and articles on the use of secondary data in examining the patient journey. After 16 years at IQVIA, she joined Prognos, seeing the value of supplementing traditional RWD with non-traditional sources like diagnostic laboratory results.


Matt Apprendi, VP of Digital Solutions, Prognos Health

Matt’s been a fixture in the NYC technology scene for more than ten years, where he’s focused on conceptualizing, building and commercializing intelligent data products. As VP of Digital Solutions at Prognos, Matt is responsible for unlocking the value of clinical diagnostic data to power intelligent digital applications across the greater healthcare ecosystem. 

Some of Matt’s highlights prior to Prognos include commercializing Reachable’s enterprise relationship analytics software, founding Meeting Machine, a professional networking application, helping launch Hearst’s digital data-driven marketing division Core Audience and forming the data solutions practice at digital marketing software provider Collective. 

Matt proudly served in the United States Marine Corps as a Combat Correspondent and holds degrees from NYU Stern & University of South Carolina Beaufort.


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