Improving patient outcomes starts with improving how you find patients.

Take the first step to understand your brand’s market opportunity in minutes.

Now you can understand your market opportunity in minutes with instant access to harmonized lab test results, Rx claims, and medical claims on 325+ million de-identified patients. Let us give you a preview.

It’s time to start with patient data first — then decide on which sources yield the best results. With prognosFACTOR®, you can build your own cohort in seconds or clone one of our 60+ prebuilt cohorts and make it your own. Create and iterate cohorts using data points from:

  • Lab Tests
  • Diagnostic & Procedure Codes (ICD) (CPT)
  • Rx
  • Patient Demographics (Age, Gender, & State)
  • Provider Specialty

Send us your ideal patient profile

We are super impressed at the level of clinical specificity in a cohort that just took minutes to produce. It also quickly eliminated the noise of patients that aren’t right for our therapy.

Launch Lead, top 30 pharmaceutical company focused on oncology

Changing the way you buy data

No need to manage multiple vendors or run overlap analysis waiting weeks, if not months for final data counts.
Do it all in seconds on prognosFACTOR.

Build Cohort

Select patient-centric data from:
  • Harmonized lab data
  • Open & closed medical claims
  • Rx claims
  • 325M unique de-identified patients
  • Aggregated physician information
  • Coming soon — EHR data
  • Purchase Data

    One platform. One data vendor.
  • Set a budget and other cohort criteria
  • Click for a price quote and preview the cost
  • Finalize data needs right in the cart then purchase
  • Download or bring your own data in a secure FACTOR Cloud
  • Apply Use Case

    Iterate your cohort on the fly.
  • Test potential protocol criteria to size study populations
  • Instant analytics in a user-friendly visual dashboard
  • Refine and edit your defined populations based on summary analytics provided