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Accelerate Value Across The Pharma Commercial Lifecycle

Healthcare commercialization launch data

Prognos is your strategic partner for healthcare commercialization launch excellence and brand performance success with a suite of patient-centric data solutions, analytic capabilities and expertise across all phases of the lifecycle.

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healthcare commercialization launch data

Early Phase

Target patients and providers with clinical precision

Query Prognos Marketplace — the industry’s largest patient-centric health data repository

100B+ transactional records |    325M+ de-identified patients  | 2M+ treating providers

Quickly calculate market share and opportunity

Understand therapy distribution differences, view individual brands or therapy regimens, determine incidence and prevalence, and adjust look-forward and look-back periods.

Understand treatment paths and lines of therapy

Identify treatment patterns, track patients that move classes, compare paths, and calculate cost and duration.

Track episodes of care, disease progression, and severity

Determine the number of patients that experience a certain type of event:

○ Provider visit, lab tests, etc.
○ Measure frequency
○ View time in between

Late Phase

Create optimized physician target lists

Identify physicians that have the highest potential for Rx lift by understanding their testing behavior/trends over time and the clinical nature of their patient populations. Gain insight into:

○ Genetic mutations
○ Therapy intolerance
○ Relapsing conditions
○ Poorly controlled conditions

Develop cohesive messaging and omnichannel marketing

Tailor and orchestrate marketing messaging and creative based on the patient-level insights to drive better decisions by integrating Prognos Factor triggers with your agency partners and best-in-class systems (e.g. Veeva CRM) for:

○ Provider outreach
○ Digital Marketing
○ Rep Engagement


Ensure continued brand maintenance and growth

Prognos Alerts deliver near real-time triggers that enable you to optimize channel engagement with physicians ahead of treatment decisions. Be notified about:

○ New patients that fit your brand’s profile
○ Newly diagnosed patients with specific lab results
○ New therapy intolerance

Track persistence and compliance

Measure medication adherence and educate physicians on the importance of patient follow-through after medication is prescribed.

Comparative analysis and recalibration

Compare the effectiveness of your therapy with competitors and adjust provider targeting based on testing habits/patient populations.

Measure marketing KPIs and optimize your brand performance

Prognos delivers reporting insights in a single dashboard, allowing you to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and adjust on the fly. Performance data points include:

○ Number of provider leads
○ Heat map summary
○ Reach, impressions, exposure rate, frequency

See what all-encompassing insight looks like in action.

Prognos is your one-stop shop to accelerate speed to data and analytics value across the entire lifecycle. Unlock timely, relevant insights across the patient care continuum for greater precision throughout your commercialization lifecycle.

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