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3 Steps to Map the Patient Journey Faster for Pharma Brand Success

3 Steps to Map the Patient Journey Faster for Pharma Brand Success

Understanding the longitudinal patient journey — from symptoms to testing, to diagnosis and treatment — is a standard and essential part of any life science company’s business practice.

To optimally position your therapy in the market, you need insight into the following questions:

  • How does the disease progress that our therapy is designed to treat? 
  • How and when do doctors identify the disease and with what tests? 
  • How do providers land on a treatment decision?

Answering these key questions can take a considerable amount of time and resources using traditional methods. Multiple data sources must be contracted and managed while significant manual effort is required to ensure disparate data sets are harmonized, standardized, and compliant. All this must be completed before any analysis can be applied or insights derived.

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Accelerating your ability to visualize and assess the longitudinal patient journey can give you a substantial edge over competitors. 

Map the patient journey faster and more accurately in 3 steps:

1. Start with harmonized lab data

Gaining the best insight into how disease progression and severity impacts treatment decisions requires analysis of lab test results over time. While many in the life science industry understand the business value of this information, few have been able to unlock it to inform decisions at scale.

The reason?

Lab data is messy. Variability in lab data types, schemas, and formats is common and synching this information manually is often impossible, so scant insight is gleaned from raw data purchased directly from a variety of sources. 

Prognos Factor healthcare data and analytics software does the heavy lifting for you. The platform consolidates de-identified data from multiple lab sources (as well as medical and prescription claims sources) in a single location — harmonizing the data and making it compliant in the process. Once normalized, lab data can be quickly analyzed and linked to other data, providing answers to key clinical questions in minutes instead of months.

2. Enable quick multipoint analysis 

Completely visualizing the longitudinal patient journey requires analysis of multiple patient and provider characteristics, patterns, and trends. For example, you’ll want to study when, where, and how treatment decisions are made, including the influence of lab testing and provider touchpoints, as well as what channels and messaging are most timely and impactful.

Prognos Factor provides built-in analytics tools that enable you to quickly:

  • Perform patient and physician segmentation and targeting
  • Determine market size, patient populations, and market opportunity
  • Establish look-back periods for newly diagnosed or treated patients, grace periods for continuing therapy, and look-forward/overlap periods for building regimens
  • Discern how treatment decisions vary by patient characteristics 
  • Determine how often patients interact with different providers
  • Pinpoint how often patients are seen, tested, and treated
  • Track medication persistence and compliance
  • Understand treatment paths and lines of therapy

Prognos Factor supports the complete commercial lifecycle.

3. Set the stage for rapid iteration

Patient journey analysis doesn’t have to be one and done. It can be an ongoing process that enables you to keep tabs on the most up-to-date patient and provider data to track the impact of existing strategies and pivot to maximize Rx lift.

Prognos Factor continually refreshes its repository with new incoming data and custom alerts can be sent to you when new data matching your patient profiles are available in the system. Plus, since the platform is cloud-based, you can perform additional analysis on data sets as often and as quickly as your brand strategy demands.

Map and act on the longitudinal patient journey more quickly and accurately with Prognos Factor

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