Power Veeva with Prognos Alerts

Better time outreach to your customers.

Close the loop faster with sales.

Prognos Alerts are now integrated with Veeva. You give us the brand and we’ll send you the best possible leads ahead of a treatment decision. Measure rep activity while they’ll appreciate the advantage of better timing and more relevant messaging. That alignment translates into the rep feedback you need to keep your message on point with your most valuable customers.

Get better results powering Veeva with Prognos Alerts

Why Prognos?

Just-in-time alerts based on clinical diagnostic results

Near real-time alerts empower more intelligent engagement.

  • Newly diagnosed patients of interest
  • Patients with a certain gene mutation
  • Patients whose disease has relapsed and are now eligible for your brand
  • Patients who are in need of new treatment or therapy
  • Timing is everything. Stay ahead of the competition.

  • Identify which physicians are ordering which diagnostic test
  • Pinpoint lab results that suggest changes in treatment
  • Discover when physicians stray from clinical guidelines
  • Not just healthcare data. Smarter healthcare data.

  • AI, Machine Learning and Advanced Algorithms yield deep clinical insight
  • Machine-ready down to the results in pathology notes
  • Harmonized, cleaned, standardized, enriched and interpreted