From question to answer in 60 days seconds.

Outstanding questions are opportunities waiting. And the longer you wait, the more opportunities cost. prognosFACTOR gives you a clear picture of the patient journey as it happens — unifying data across the healthcare landscape and pinpointing insights at decision speed. FACTOR an edge in your mission to improve health.

Healthcare analytics with a clinical edge.

prognosFACTOR unlocks the insights you need to factor new and emerging clinical insights into the healthcare equation. The more healthcare organizations join us in understanding the trajectory of the patient journey, the earlier we can impact care.

Data Faster. Action Sooner.

Prognos puts the “act” in FACTOR, giving you immediate access to every datapoint that factors into your analysis. Know what’s happened. See what’s happening. And get out in front.

  1. 30B+ analysis-ready records on 325M patients

    Our unique patient-centric query technology completely reframes your relationship with data — providing instant access to the harmonized lab test results, Rx claims and medical claims of 325+ million patients.

  2. AI + NLP = Clinical Truths™

    Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and our clinical knowledge help uncover Clinical Truths

See What Decision Speed Looks Like in Action.

Know what’s happened. See what’s happening. And get out in front.