Prognosis Transformed
Identify opportunity.
Intervene earlier.
Change outcomes.

Factoring new and emerging clinical insights into the healthcare equation yields more complete patient and provider analytics. The more healthcare organizations join us in understanding the trajectory of the patient journey, the earlier we can impact care. That’s prognosis transformed.

Clinical Insights at Scale

Our vast Registry includes diagnostic results from national, regional, hospital, and premier educational institutions. Prognos has a strategic focus on lab testing because it is an essential factor in decision making across healthcare.

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Disease Conditions

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Lab Records

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Patients in full compliance with HIPAA

Advantage prognosFACTOR™

Go From Cumbersome to Strategic

The prognosFACTOR Platform takes unprecedented amounts of cumbersome and complex lab data, standardizes it – and enriches it with deep clinical insights. Prognos Health can link it to traditional data as well as your choice of a wide range of options in an open data ecosystem – all while making it amenable for downstream applications and comprehensive solutions.

  1. Features

    Rapidly operationalize rich clinical and fundamental patient information in a format amenable to analytics – critical to answering your most challenging healthcare questions.

  2. Conditions Covered

    Coverage of specific disease categories with clinical and financial implications for patients, physicians, pharma, providers and payers.

  3. Partners

    We collaborate with industry leading healthcare and technology partners who share our passion for customer success and helping people everywhere live their lives to the fullest.