About Us

At Prognos Health, we love what we do. We believe in what we do. The contributions we strive to make with our clients to improve outcomes is what motivates us everyday. It's all about helping people everywhere live their lives to the fullest.

About Prognos Health

Prognosis transformed – our brand promise.

A decade ago Prognos Health recognized the limitation of only using transactional health information to make the most informed decisions. To truly improve healthcare, we need to factor new and emerging clinical insights into the patient journey equation. This requires access to the most critical ongoing indicators of a patient’s health — their lab test values. Prognos transforms clinical lab data at an unparalleled scale making the resulting clinical insights amenable to your everyday applications. The more healthcare organizations join us in understanding the cause and trajectory of the patient journey, the earlier we can impact care.

That’s prognosis transformed.

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Our Mission & Vision

To improve health by driving the best actions learned from the world’s data so we can prevail over disease and empower people everywhere to live life to the fullest.

How our mission began

In 2003, Jason Bhan, MD, began practicing family medicine in the suburbs of Washington D.C. Always a technologist at heart, he searched for ways to combine his passion to improve health at a grander scale – more than one patient visit at a time. Meanwhile, Sundeep Bhan, a seasoned entrepreneur in the health industry was in New York leading Medsite, a cutting edge health tech company eventually acquired by WebMD. Sundeep led Medsite to engage and educate thousands of physicians and in turn, help hundreds of thousands of their patients find better treatment options. In 2010, Jason and Sundeep joined forces, along with Destry Sulkes to launch Medivo, with a goal of delivering on the promise of precision medicine by providing decision support on the use of targeted therapeutics.

In 2017, Sundeep and Jason launched Prognos with the goal of utilizing AI and advanced analytics to realize their mission of improving health by driving the best actions learned from the world’s data.