On a mission of greater understanding
for faster answers.

Transactional health data has long been the foundation of healthcare analytics. But alone, it has serious analytical limitations — on prognoses, trials, outcomes, and commercial education. To truly improve healthcare and make the most informed decisions, we need to factor in all of the data born from the patient journey. And the most influential dataset is lab results.

A decade ago, Prognos Health leveraged its clinical and analytical expertise to develop a solution that completes the analytical picture — transforming diagnostic and transactional data into insight-ready information. And we developed that solution to harness machine learning to teach itself to work even smarter over time. As more and more healthcare organizations join us, we’ll all deepen our understanding of the patient journey, impact care earlier, and improve outcomes — the ultimate mission. 


Payer Advisory Team

Terri Kline
Trenor Williams, MD
Mike Coyne
Julie Klapstein
Benjamin Rooks
Alan E. Sokolow, MD

Lab Advisory Team

David Bryant
Thomas L. Gallucci
Sukumar Nagendran, MD
Michelle Woker
Mark McDonough

Life Science Advisory Team

Raman Kapur
Viren Mehta
John Kamp
Vita Cassese
Michelle Woker

Data Science Advisory Team

Vasileios Maroulas
Ron Lissack
Eva Ascarza
Tim Slevin
Rakesh Kaul
Esther Dyson
Karim Hussein