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GeneDx & Prognos Health

On-Demand Webinar: Leveraging De-identified Real World Data to Shorten the Rare Disease Diagnostic Odyssey 

Watch to hear more about:

  • Advanced solutions that enable pharma to help rare disease patients gain access to potential treatment options
  • Benefits of combining genetic and non-genetic clinical data to create deterministic, probabilistic and predictive profiles
  • Challenges and advances around access to diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of rare diseases
Myriad Genetics, McDonald Hopkins LLC & Prognos Health

On-Demand Webinar: Data Privacy and Governance Considerations When Using RWD in Commercial Pharma

This session delves into critical questions such as:

  • Privacy in RWD: Untangle genetic data vs. de-identified data for confident use of Real-World Data.
  • Data Security: Safeguard genetic data with access controls and partner selection for patient privacy.
  • De-identification Techniques: Learn robust methods to anonymize patient data in RWD use.
Guardant Health & Prognos Health

On-Demand Webinar: Unlocking the Power of Liquid Biopsies: Smarter HCP Alerts for Better Patient Outcomes

This on-demand session will equip you with valuable knowledge on:

  • The growing adoption of liquid biopsies and their impact on patient diagnosis.
  • How life science companies can leverage liquid biopsy data to create more effective HCP engagement strategies.
  • Identifying scenarios where liquid biopsies offer a clearer picture than traditional tissue biopsies.
Genomic Testing Cooperative & Prognos Health

On-Demand Webinar: Trends in Cancer Diagnostics

Check out this recorded webinar to hear more about Advancements in Comprehensive Genomic Profiling (CGP) and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) that are driving personalized medicine and the adoption of targeted therapies for individual patients in cancer care today. This technology helps medical professionals better understand their patient’s tumors, discover actionable biomarkers, and make the right clinical decision for the right patient.

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