A new and better way to buy healthcare data. Explore, purchase and benefit from the largest source of lab test results, closed medical claims and Rx data.

Purchasing, integrating and analyzing de-identified patient data to drive clinical and commercial efforts has historically been time-consuming, expensive, and difficult to manage — for buyers and sellers alike. From contract management to purchase constraints, the process to reach patient insights for better outcomes has been fraught with hurdles.

Prognos Marketplace uniquely houses harmonized lab test results from trusted sources integrated with large sources of Rx and medical claims. There are more than 45 billion health records for 325 million de-identified patients with new data sources being added continually. Users can create and refine patient cohorts and then buy healthcare data through a single contract. All data purchased is available on the Datavant token, making it interoperable with other patient-level data that has been tokenized using Datavant.

Now there’s a better way of exploring and purchasing record level, de-identified patient data from the most trusted sources.

Discover a Better Way to Buy Healthcare Data

Digital marketplaces have made accessing and obtaining desired goods and services considerably faster and more convenient for both B2C and B2B buyers. Isn’t it time this same digital-first approach was applied to the way life science companies like yours search, access, evaluate, and purchase the real-world patient data necessary to drive clinical and commercialization efforts?

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