Monetize and enhance the value of your data assets.

Prognos Marketplace provides a self-service online destination where life sciences companies and other healthcare stakeholders can easily curate and purchase de-identified patient data on demand.

The Cohort Designer included in Marketplace allows users to define specific, clinically relevant criteria about the patients they’d like to study and progresses them to a request to make a purchase. The health data your organization generates as part of its core business can help fill clinical gaps in patient populations and deliver real value to pharmaceutical manufacturers and associated service providers.


Gain exposure to a robust channel

Partners that have data to offer and/or projects to deliver can easily join the Marketplace and benefit from Prognos’ trusted relationships with more than 75 pharmaceutical brand teams, top-tier healthcare agencies, consultants and more. Benefits of partnership include:

  • Price setting : You determine the value of your data, how it can be used, and who can make a purchase 
  • Data standardization & integration: Prognos adds significant value to your data by handling all standardization and integration
  • Compliance: Prognos abides by all privacy restrictions and includes expert determination for a multitude of use cases
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