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Ashley Triscuit

Growth Marketing Director

Ashley Triscuit is the head of marketing at Prognos Health and has over 15 years of marketing experience. Ashley has worked with companies across various industries, including financial services, private equity, fintech, and healthcare, focusing on technology and software as a service (Saas) companies. Ashley has led growth-focused marketing activities for numerous companies that have received venture capital backing and acquisition by firms, including JP Morgan, State Street, and Informa.

Ashley holds a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Sciences from Boston University and an MS/MBA from Bentley University in finance and marketing analytics. Ashley lives on the North Shore of Boston with her husband and two daughters. Ashley’s youngest daughter has a complex rare disease syndrome and chronic kidney disease, which drives Ashley’s passion for unlocking the power of data to improve health.

Email: atriscuit@prognoshealth.com

Phone: (617) 276-5098

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