Get Straight Answers to Underwriting Risk Accuracy

Get Straight Answers to Underwriting Risk Accuracy

Enhance the ability to assess risk and cost in the coverage of prospective health plan members.

Prognos’ underwriting risk predictor solution delivers a group-level risk score and projected PMPM medical spend that can be easily integrated into your risk calculations. Set premiums that will give you greater confidence in pricing group health insurance cases.

Immediate access to standardized lab data has significantly improved underwriting risk score accuracy. No other lab data source is as purpose-ready as Prognos.

Lead Actuary, Top 5 health payer in the Medicare Advantage market

Let us proove it.

A straighter path to underwriting requires data to accurately predict risk, the visibility to identify high-cost prospects, and insights on the populations you want to insure. However, limited demographic data leaves your underwriting model exposed. Seventy percent of clinical treatment decisions are based on lab results. Prognos Risk Predictor leverages the comprehensive strength of lab, Rx, and claims data to deliver a straighter path to underwriting accuracy.

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