See the value before your purchase real-world patient data

Prognos Marketplace gives you the ability to fully curate and review your desired patient population before you purchase real-world patient data. This protects you from overbuying or data overlap.

With Prognos Marketplace you can:

  1. Query our Prognos Factor data platform of more than 325 million de-identified patients with our robust Cohort Designer 
  2. Define your ideal patient cohort based on the clinical and demographic variables most aligned with your therapy
  3. View pricing for your selected patient cohort, then adjust and recalculate based on your budget

Purchase the underlying transaction-level data records for only those patients best suited to your needs and/or continue to operationalize the data in our other applications including patient journey, omnichannel marketing, and physician segmentation


Gain flexibility and speed to commercial value.

Prognos Marketplace changes the paradigm of purchasing health data, offering users the following advantages:

  • An intuitive buying process that brings multiple data sources together in a secure online destination, allowing you to achieve your business objectives faster
  • Data is fully harmonized and standardized across sources, relieving you of the burden of data alignment
  • A patient-centric, rather than source-centric, approach to data selection, allowing you to quickly secure the most specific and comprehensive patient data set regardless of source
  • Linkability through Datavant tokenization technology, enabling easy integration of data sets, including existing data you may already own
  • The resulting data sets are HIPAA compliant and certified for the lowest possible risk of patient re-identification
Ready to take the next step?

Now that you know how Prognos Marketplace can streamline and optimize your data curation and purchasing efforts, it’s time to give it a test drive.

Gain exclusive access to our Marketplace and Cohort Designer by requesting your secure login credentials today.

Discover a Better Way to Buy Healthcare Data

Digital marketplaces have made accessing and obtaining desired goods and services considerably faster and more convenient for both B2C and B2B buyers. Isn’t it time this same digital-first approach was applied to the way life science companies like yours search, access, evaluate, and purchase the real-world patient data necessary to drive clinical and commercialization efforts?

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