Accelerate Value Across the Commercial Lifecycle with healthcare data.

From R&D through growth, our products help provide a more complete view of the patient and customer to support launch excellence and commercial success.

You know Prognos for our data-driven lab-based solutions. Now, we have a Marketplace that includes medical and prescription claims, and with a token from our partner, Datavant, Prognos Factor can integrate any data you need, including your own assets, to accelerate time to insight. Access healthcare data that can support your tactical efforts across the entire commercial lifecycle.

Our software drives the clinical specificity you need to improve outcomes and reach the patients and practitioners who can benefit from earlier intervention.

Welcome to the Prognos Marketplace.

Today companies are drowning in data, and we always seem to need more data. Yet taking on more assets has become a huge expense and burden for many of our clients. Healthcare data needs constant upkeep to make it purpose-ready. It needs to be accurate, compliant and ready to analyze.

  • Speed. All the data you need at your fingertips.
  • Specificity. Patient insights with a clinical edge.
  • Precision. The data you need, not the data you have.

We don’t want to be in the business of data procurement. A marketplace that lets us pick and choose from different sources streamlines our process and helps us identify overlap.

Lead, Data Analytics Team at a large midwest pharmaceutical company
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