Push the boundaries of healthcare data.
Evolve the way you access, manage and apply patient-centric insights.

Prognos Factor® is a health data marketplace and analytics platform with a game changing way to purchase and analyze from billions of health records on 325 million de-identified patients faster and with more integration options than ever before.

Welcome to the Prognos Marketplace

The #1 source of purpose-built lab data, now with an entire ecosystem of data assets at your fingertips in a health data marketplace.

  1. Access with unlimited queries (counts) of the Prognos Marketplace.

    Understand your market opportunity in minutes with access to fully integrated lab data, open and closed medical claims, as well as Rx claims from the most trusted sources. Lab data includes commercial and academic, specialty oncology & testing sources.

  2. Manage your data securely in the cloud.

    Our advanced platform and common tokenization engine make it easy and seamless. Leverage our Marketplace data and/or bring your own data. 5+ years of history from the largest open and closed claim sources covering medical, institutional, and pharmacy claims, as well as commercial Medicare Advantage & Medicaid, and updated weekly.

  3. Apply your insights rapidly and course correct with ease.

    Prognos offers a suite of patient centric software applications that address HEOR, RWE, and Commercial needs from cohort design to patient journey insights to omnichannel marketing to segmenting key providers. Prove the ROI of your marketing efforts.

Evolve the Way You Access, Manage, and
Apply Patient-Centric Insights

Access a health data marketplace with an entire ecosystem of assets you need to answer even your most complex questions.

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