Timing is everything.

Alerts drive optimized outreach to physicians before they make a treatment decision.

Physicians continue to become more elusive — from ‘no see’ status to restrictions driven by the pandemic. Now more than ever, brand teams are seeking alternatives to static call plans and schedule-based, non-personal promotion and advertising.

Alerts of physicians with brand eligible patients.

Why is lab data important? It’s when a physician or HCP

  • Confirms a suspected diagnosis
  • Identifies which treatments are most appropriate for a patient
  • Monitors if an existing condition is under control
  • Determines if the patient is tolerating their current therapy.
Prognos Clinical Truths™ drive hyper targeted messaging.

Leveraging machine learning, AI and natural language processing, our clinical experts work with our data scientists to build patient profiles that can be defined using:

  • patient diagnoses,
  • specific lab tests,
  • specific lab-test results,
  • characteristics,
  • and through our partnerships with leading healthcare data vendors, for current or prior therapies.

Alerts for life sciences companies are tailored for your specific needs:

  • Lab only
  • Lab + Rx Claims
  • Lab + Medical Claims + Rx Claims + EHR

The advantage of combining these strategic data assets with lab tests is targeting those patients eligible for second and third line therapies.

Alerts for life sciences companies integrate with Veeva Suggestions.

Prognos alerts integrate with Veeva so that your sales reps don’t have to change their everyday process to get insights and find better candidates for your brand.

We’ve been working with Prognos for several years, the timely alerts we get on our second-line therapy have been invaluable to reach prescribers who treat those patients who would best benefit from our brand.

Director of Oncology Marketing at a leading top 10 pharma company

Be timely. Be relevant. Find the right prescriber at the right time.

From newly diagnosed patients to those best treated when a second or third line therapy is warranted, Prognos Alerts can be delivered weekly or as your brand team requires.

  • Engage physicians before they’re deciding on treatment
  • Patient profiles built to notify you of physicians with brand eligible patients 
  • Seamless integration with Veeva Suggestions
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