From months to minutes — design a clinically specific cohort at the push of a button using patient level real world data.

A cohort is the foundation of launch excellence.

Choosing the right patient population has never been easier. Prognos understands that the selection of patients depends on complex variables, each interacting with one another — impacting the size, accuracy and quality of the cohort. That’s why we built the fastest, most clinically specific cohort design software on the market. Cohort Designer lets you utilize patient level real world data to iterate on the fly, share easily with colleagues and build consensus so you can move further downstream faster and more economically.

The first step in almost any patient study is defining and selecting data for the patient population of interest. Use the Cohort Designer to select patients with any combination of presence or absence of diagnoses, lab tests, lab test results, and current or prior therapies.

Moving at the speed of decisions.

In a process that typically takes months, Prognos Factor brings unmatched speed and agility to cohort design. Choose the characteristics and criteria of patients you want to study and quickly learn about their:

  • Patient demographics
  • Physician counts and specialties
  • Top diagnoses
  • Top therapy classes and molecules
  • Procedures based on CPT codes
Choose from a library of 60+ pre-built cohorts or design your-own.
  • Create rules for patient inclusion and exclusion criteria
  • Calculate sample sizes in seconds
  • Further refine selection based on summary analytics provided
  • You choose intended use case so appropriate sources will be included in counts
  • Get results instantaneously

We are super impressed at the level of clinical specificity in a cohort that just took minutes to produce. It also quickly eliminated the noise of patients that aren’t right for our therapy.

Launch Lead, top 30 pharmaceutical company focused on oncology

Accelerate & optimize time and sizing of your patient cohort.

Leverage 60+ pre-built cohorts. Iterate on the fly.

  • Get the right data in place regardless of data type
  • Include harmonized clinical data in iterations to improve results
  • Define the criteria of the patient population you want to study by selecting:
    • Diagnoses, procedures and co-morbidities
    • Laboratory tests with or without results
  • Support clinical, HEOR, RWE, and commercial teams 
    • Test potential protocol criteria to size study populations
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