Omnichannel Marketing

Evolve your physician marketing strategy.

With 60% of physicians restricting access without a pandemic – the challenge is real.

Stop wasting resources and budget placing non-branded or brand advertisements on sites physicians simply frequent. While they may see your ad, the relevance and timing might not be right. What if you could reach a physician across channels based on the timing of a treatment decision for a patient that is eligible for your brand? Leveraging prognosFACTOR’s near real-time clinically-focused insights, it’s possible.

Cohesive Campaigns & Messaging
Target HCPs online & offline with greater relevancy.

Integrated omnichannel campaigns deliver a true brand experience for healthcare providers and patients. Touch points no longer convey one-off messages or engagements.

Prognos’ team of experts will work with your trusted agencies and programmatic platforms, including Proclivity Systems, to seamlessly activate our data-driven insights to supercharge your digital marketing campaigns.

Holistic View of Your Entire Portfolio
Calibrate resources more cost effectively.

Prognos delivers reporting in a single view to assess and strategically coordinate omnichannel efforts. The dashboard provides a dive deep into single channels or profiles to measure their effectiveness.

Performance data points can include:

  • AI-driven profiles to trigger ads to HCPs treating newly diagnosed patients, on field target lists, NPP targets including Veeva CRM IDs, newly diagnosed patients with specific test results
  • KPI definitions
  • Number of provider leads
  • Heat map summary
  • Reach, impressions, exposure rate, frequency
  • Device reach, impressions by creative

Improve Campaigns with AI-driven Profiles
Create targets with unprecedented clinical specificity.

Prognos can integrate with a variety of systems to improve timing and relevance of messaging including Veeva. Developing specific clinical profiles and matching with creative is an integral part of success. We work with a number of creative agencies aligning the specific creative and messaging to the specific audience that you’re trying to reach.

  • NPIs can be digitally linked  through both endemic (disease-related) and non-endemic websites, meaning they will not be limited to medical websites only.
  • HCP marketing messages can directly align to the needs of a relevant patient.

Measuring and reporting has always been a siloed effort, each channel has their own metrics. Bringing our omni-channel reporting together in a single view has enabled us to produce reports faster, understand the entire landscape, and make strategic decisions to drive success for the brand. Timing our ads and outreach based on a treatment decision window of opportunity has been very effective for our brand’s performance and reaching patients that can truly benefit from our treatment.

Sr. Director, Digital Marketing Operations, Top 5 Pharma Company

Align marketing strategy and tactics with clinical treatment decisions.

Truly evolve your marketing to omnichannel marketing:

  • Leverage massive diagnostic network of harmonized data
  • High-throughput HIPAA compliant platform running thousands of algorithms trained to align with brand eligible patients as testing occurs
  • HCP triggers that can be pushed to your optimal marketing channels to prioritize outreach while patient treatment decisions are being made
  • Integration with best-in-class systems to optimize targeted outreach