Uncover potential prescribers beyond high decile targets with physician outreach notifications.

Determine which physicians are most likely to treat brand eligible patients based on their lab testing habits.

When creating or updating a physician target list for your brand launch or update, you’re at a distinct advantage if you have a precise and deep understanding of a physician’s testing behavior as well as their the clinical nature of their patient population. Lab test records, especially when combined with pharmacy and medical claims, provide a more complete view of physician testing and treatment behavior.

Lab testing uncovers patients that can be helped by your brand.

Many of today’s brands treat second-line, third-line, or later stage patients. And other brands treat a niche population of patients with or without a certain biomarker. Lab data — either alone or when combined with prior treatment information — helps identify these patients and who is treating them. Lab testing discovers if patients have:

  • Specific genetic mutations
  • Relapsing conditions
  • Conditions not well controlled
  • Intolerance to certain therapy
Testing Trends.

Physicians who aren’t testing appropriately may be undeserving their patients. Physicians who don’t monitor their patients through testing may miss that the patient’s condition is relapsing or is not well controlled warranting a change in dose or therapy. Providers who don’t perform the full battery of genetic mutation testing wouldn’t be able to identify that a targeted therapy may be the best option for their patient.

Increasing the volume or breadth of testing performed is a key goal of many brand teams. Knowing current testing levels and monitoring physician behavior over time will help you understand if your efforts have been successful and benefiting patients.

Prognos has shed light on those providers we can better message for our highly targeted therapy. Given testing is key, we have been able to more cost effectively increase outreach to relevant physicians.

Brand director, Top 20 pharmaceutical manufacturer

Quickly fine-tune prescriber strategy and tactics.

With the addition and integration of lab data and results, you better understand physicians’ decision making. Improve targeted messaging by:

  • Refining your audience based on testing trends
  • Knowing which physicians need education on testing availability and guidelines
  • Updating tactics based on a better understanding of who is treating brand eligible patients
  • Introducing clinical proof points that can support your brand
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