Healthcare analytics platform with a clinical edge.

prognosFACTOR is built with an entire ecosystem of healthcare data assets.

The #1 source of purpose-built lab data, now with an entire ecosystem of healthcare data assets you need to answer even your most complex questions. Prognos was first to market creating harmony between lab data types and extracting its complete analytical value in a powerful platform. We developed prognosFACTOR with analytics to accelerate understanding, accessibility and development of clinical data.

Fast, Agile, Sophisticated
Prognos puts the “ACT” in FACTOR.

Our fully HIPAA compliant platform leverages best-in-class technology including AWS, and automates data harmonization, linking, and data management while providing lightning-speed access to vast amounts of data via software applications or API.

Healthcare Analytics have evolved on prognosFACTOR. With unprecedented speed and accuracy, our tech stack can factor healthcare data with more precise clinical specificity than ever before.

Innovation is in our DNA
Clinical specificity at your fingertips.

Driven by the need to overcome the challenges in representing the unique nature of healthcare data using conventional data technologies, our team developed healthLOGIC™ proprietary technology that can query vast amounts of patient-centric healthcare data instantaneously.

More data, less hassle
The most significant data, ready for action.

Access our ever-growing registry of indicative lab results and open-closed prescription and medical claims data. Integrate your own sources to create an all-encompassing environment, primed for complete analysis.

  • Comprehensive data mapping the complete patient journey
  • Automatically normalized and reconciled clinical lab test results data
  • Fully HIPAA-compliant, de-identified patient data

Down to Pathology Results
The most proactive intelligence, from NLP to AI.

Before you’ve even formed your questions, Natural Language Processing completes your analytical picture — transforming written pathology records into measurable results from positive/negative to high/low. Then, our proprietary AI-based algorithms inform predictive models and uncover Clinical Truths™

  • Machine learning meets disease-specific clinical knowledge
  • Historically informed, self-refining algorithms and models
  • Indicators inform actionable insights on patient journeys

The data you need how you need it
Welcome to the Prognos Marketplace.

An ecosystem of healthcare data at your fingertips. Design your cohort, then purchase only the data you need. It’s that simple.