An ecosystem of healthcare data at your fingertips.

Design your cohort, then purchase only the data you need right from Prognos Marketplace. It’s that simple.

We understand the frustration of managing multiple data vendors to acquire broad and diverse healthcare data to drive commercial, RWE, outcomes, and clinically-focused analytics. It’s a time consuming and costly aspect of doing business. We developed Prognos Marketplace to ease that burden and make purchasing high fidelity and compliant de-identified patient-level data a much more streamlined process.

Intuitive Buying Process
Speed to commercial value.

Prognos brings together sources of data in one secure place. This eliminates losing precious time going back and forth between vendors to define cohorts and find the sample and metrics you need.

Zero in on the ability to fine-tune clinically specific criteria

Flexible Options
Buy only the data you need — sliced to your specific use.
  • You query the marketplace for available data on de-identified patients that meet the exact criteria you specify.
  • Price your dataset. Edit sources as needed — prognosFACTOR will recalculate your cohort size.
  • Purchase the underlying data records or study that cohort in one of our applications.
Let’s improve health together
Join our data partner ecosystem.

Together we can address the pain points of data acquisition, integration, and use for our mutual customers.

We’ve been in significant pain trying to deal with the dynamic nature of sourcing data essential to our business needs. Prognos has truly presented us with something that will solve that pain for the foreseeable future. As early adopters, we are fortunate to be able to contribute our ideas for future features.

Senior Director, Data Science & Strategy, Top 5 Pharmaceutical Manufacturer
Flexibility and control.

Get started by designing your cohort or purchasing one that Prognos has already built. We’ve given you a sophisticated and intuitive way to buy only the data you need at the price you’re willing to pay.

  • Highest levels of flexibility in selecting cohort criteria
  • Ability to acquire all relevant and complementary records in one place
  • One contract for acquisition of multi-source data
  • Delivery within hours of contract signature
  • Flexible options for purchase