Panelists Include:

Chitra Narasimhachari, Executive Director, Portfolio Innovation & Effectiveness, Novartis
Anuj Maheshwari, Vice President, Scaled Analytics, Pfizer
Saket Malhotra, Head of Decision Intelligence & Innovation, Takeda
Jason Bhan, M.D., Chief Medical Information Officer & Co Founder, Prognos Health


They say one thing is certain in pre-launch; understanding patient and HCP journeys is never easy.

First you will be faced by a wall of real-word data, each brick different in material, size and shape, formed by diverging internal and external vendor data sources. You must rebuild it brick-by-brick until standardised and linked. The latter proves most difficult when dealing with highly unstructured clinical data.

Then, once your data is fit-for-purpose, so must your analytics. Tools should be easy to understand and use, reducing the burden of data management and technical ability, while cohort parameters need to be quickly and easily adjustable to determine variable impacts.

Miss on any of the above and you probably just missed your launch goals. Achieve these processes though and you’ll understand not just what is occurring, but why it is, creating a superior view of HCP behaviour triggers and the patient journey.

Join this free webinar and learn how to:

  • Achieve data agility: Build robust cohorts by integrating disparate data sets for a 360-view of your brand landscape
  • Understand how advanced algorithms, AI, ML and Natural Language Processing are applied to enhance the utility or usability of clinical lab data results
  • Confidence is king: Use new found data confidence to prioritize outreach and brand eligibility and meet goals across the commercial lifecycle