Cigna, Biogen, Quest Diagnostics, and LabCorp collaborate with Prognos to improve outcomes in risk management, patient health.

NEW YORK, January 5, 2017 – Prognos,, an innovative healthcare AI company, has launched after six years of development as Medivo. Supported by Merck Global Health Innovation Fund and Safeguard Scientifics, Inc., the company strives to improve health by tracking and predicting disease earlier in partnership with Life Sciences brands, payers, and clinical diagnostics organizations. Prognos’ innovations enhance the value of laboratory results and clinical diagnostic data through advanced analytics and artificial intelligence techniques.

The Prognos Registry of 5 billion clinical records for 100 million patients in over 30 disease areas enables earlier identification of patients who can benefit from enhanced treatment decision-making, risk management, and quality improvement under the HEDIS guidelines. During its research and development phase as Medivo, Prognos invested in innovations exploring the potential of clinical diagnostic assets and is now realizing the full value of those assets through AI and HIPAA-compliant advanced analytics with over 500 proprietary and learning clinical algorithms.

“The launch of Prognos elevates our ability to leverage the largest aggregated database of lab results in the U.S. and deliver actionable clinical insights to the medical community,” said Sundeep Bhan, Prognos Co-Founder and CEO.

Payer organizations can now take advantage of Prognos’ solutions to engage with providers earlier in the patient treatment process, improving the overall quality of care. By connecting payers directly with the lab, Prognos has the added benefit of accessing clinical diagnostic data on the payer’s behalf, enhancing the resulting insights. Identifying and reaching at-risk patients earlier can help plans to reduce avoidable care costs, especially for patients with chronic conditions and comorbidities.

Global health service company Cigna is using Prognos analytics to improve health engagement among its Individual and Family Plan customers.

“Prognos’ analytics help us identify customers with chronic conditions such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and hepatitis C, so that we can engage them early and support them with health management options,” said Brian Evanko, president of Cigna’s Individual and Family Plans segment. “This helps drive better health outcomes for our customers, resulting in improved health care quality and a better customer experience.”

Life Sciences organizations can leverage Prognos products to determine specific and complex patient journeys and help brands dependent on biomarkers commercialize highly targeted patient selection strategies for the treating physicians. Prognos’ “Trigger” solution identifies newly-diagnosed patients and provides weekly alerts to help brands educate providers on therapy options before treatment decisions are made. Prognos currently works with 17 Life Sciences organizations.

“We expect Biogen’s partnership with Prognos to help us provide more awareness of the benefits of diagnosing earlier by finding the right patients based on specific biomarkers,” said Justin Bush, US Brand and Launch Lead, Rare Disease Group at Biogen.

Diagnostics organizations can partner with Prognos to leverage their lab data and clinical and technology expertise with Prognos analytic solutions. Such partnerships further the ability of lab data to inform physicians and increase the likelihood that patients can access the treatments that will improve their care outcomes. Current diagnostic collaborators include Quest Diagnostics and Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings (LabCorp).  The Prognos Registry includes data from hundreds of labs and diagnostics companies.

About Prognos

Prognos is a healthcare AI company focused on eradicating disease by driving decisions earlier in healthcare in collaboration with payers, Life Sciences and diagnostics companies. The Prognos Registry is the largest source of clinical diagnostics information in over 30 disease areas, with over 5B medical records for 100M patients. Prognos has 500 extensive proprietary and learning clinical algorithms to enable earlier patient identification for enhanced treatment decision-making, risk management and quality improvement. The company is supported by a $23M investment from Safeguard Scientifics, Inc. (NYSE:SFE) and Merck Global Health Innovation Fund (GHIF). For more information, visit

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