New Offering Expands Ease of Access to Billions of Analytics-Ready Data Points

Prognos Health, a leading healthcare data and analytics company, today announced the availability of their real-world data (RWD) on AWS Data Exchange, a service of Amazon Web Services (AWS). Offering Prognos’ healthcare data on AWS Data Exchange improves ease of access to Prognos’ record-level data from more than 325 million de-identified patients.

“As healthcare data becomes more prolific, customers want greater accessibility and agility in the data acquisition process,” said Theresa Greco, chief commercial officer, Prognos Health. “Offering our data on the AWS Data Exchange answers that call and represents another step in Prognos’ penetration of the increasingly appealing business model of the data marketplace.”

Customers will now have access to Prognos’, HIPAA-compliant patient cohorts on the AWS Data Exchange. Leveraging Prognos’ robust patient-centric data including prescription and medical claims data, and the largest volumes of lab test results and open and closed prescription and medical claims in the industry, life science companies are better able to customize their cohorts with convenient access to complementary data available on the AWS Data Exchange. Prognos leverages Datavant, the leader in helping healthcare organizations safely connect their data standardized tokenization engine, to ensure that Prognos’ data on the Exchange is de-identified and normalized and can be rapidly linked to first-party data as well as Datavant’s broader ecosystem of healthcare data in flexible formats for immediate use.

With the addition of Prognos data to the AWS Data Exchange, customers gain alternate access to Prognos’ analytics-ready data. The business impact is a more agile process to rapidly answer questions for earlier intervention and better health outcomes. Prognos Health is constantly adding new RWD to provide the most comprehensive and diverse healthcare data offering in the market.

About Prognos Health

Prognos Health is the leading clinically-focused data and analytics platform company. The Prognos Factor platform has the power to query billions of fully-integrated lab and health records on more than 325 million de-identified patients to answer or uncover key healthcare questions in minutes, not months. Prognos enables the agile exchange of integrated, patient-centric data between key healthcare stakeholders directly from the Prognos Marketplace. Leveraging the company’s patent-pending technology, clients and partners benefit from a range of analytics applications, including cohort design, patient journey studies, omnichannel marketing and more.

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