Pharmaceutical brands are able to better message healthcare providers further upstream as treatment decisions are being considered

New York, New York – June 20, 2019 – Prognos, the leader in AI-powered analytics for early tracking and prediction of disease and Proclivity Systems, the leading digital healthcare data and advertising exchange, today announced a comprehensive integrated healthcare providers (HCP) digital advertising solution available for pharmaceutical marketers. Prognos’ real-world clinical signals are now available on the Proclivity programmatic platform for buyers to reach HCPs with timely display advertising, while patient treatment decisions are being made.

Early adopters of the advanced digital signal solution include oncology and rare disease brand marketing teams, who understand the importance of reducing the burden of the patient journey and the value of their relevant messaging being at a time when patients can benefit the most from  their life saving therapies. The newly launched solution’s customers are currently delivering branded and unbranded disease awareness display advertising to HCPs. Some are taking an omnichannel approach, and synchronizing their offline field force activities alongside the display advertising channel to create a sequential HCP marketing effort. This is critical to account based marketing and reduces the overall cost and waste of advertising to HCPs who don’t treat brand eligible patients.   

“We’re thrilled to be working with Proclivity Systems to deliver the targeting relevancy that has eluded brand teams until now. HCP target lists have been static and for the most part updated annually, compounded by marketing channels operating in silos. Now they have a solution based on exact clinical indications that’s updated weekly so they can reach HCPs while they are considering treatment options for their patients,” commented Matt Apprendi, vice president of Digital Solutions at Prognos. “Life science marketers have the power to find, understand and influence the physicians they are looking for, no matter how small or niche the population of the patients they treat.“

“Given our focus on creating a marketplace  that includes the most innovative participants, we are excited about Prognos’ contribution as a truly unique HCP insights provider. They have identified an important blind spot in the market in terms of enabling brands to leverage leading indicators in addition to the traditional approach of leveraging lagging indicators. More specifically, Prognos allows brands to now target and engage physicians and other HCPs based on what conditions they may diagnose in a week and not just what they prescribed last quarter. These advanced pre-diagnosis HCP audiences and segments will allow both advertisers and publishers to create premium audiences for timely and effective engagement,” said Alaric Craig, head of partnerships and operations at Proclivity Systems. “We are very excited about the possibilities this brings to healthcare treatment and for driving better patient outcomes.”

All patient data is de-identified, HIPAA compliant, and mapped to the treating HCP by Prognos prior to being on-boarded into Proclivity Systems’ programmatic platform. The offering is currently available to the U.S. market.

About Prognos

Prognos is a healthcare AI company focused on predicting disease to drive decisions earlier in healthcare in collaboration with payers, life sciences and diagnostics companies. The Prognos Registry is the largest source of clinical diagnostics information in 50 disease areas, with over 20 billion medical records for 200 million patients. Prognos has over 1,000 extensive proprietary and learning clinical algorithms to enable earlier patient identification for enhanced treatment decision-making, risk management, and quality improvement. The company is supported by a $42M investment from Safeguard Scientifics, Inc., Merck Global Health Innovation Fund, Cigna Ventures, GIS Strategic Ventures, Hikma Ventures, Hermed Capital, and Maywic Select Investments. For more information, visit

About Proclivity Systems

Proclivity Systems is a predictive analytics company that builds and operates electronic marketplaces spanning various industries. It’s flagship platform, LayerRx, is the first and largest electronic marketplace specially designed for the highly regulated and security-centric buying and selling of data and digital advertising and in the pharmaceutical/healthcare industry. Initially focused on creating a fully automated, transparent, and data-secure trading marketplace for the healthcare professional (HCP) market, LayerRx now has over 130 brands that are able to reach verified HCPs with unprecedented reach and scale across 550+ endemic digital supplier properties, 10,000+ non-endemic supplier properties and a vast array of digital channels including mobile/desktop browser, email, mobile app, video, and search. This expansive marketplace also enables multiple data providers (TRx, NRx, claims, etc.) to securely license their data in real-time to facilitate advanced targeting of HCPs and their associated patients (DTC) in a fully HIPAA-compliant manner. For more information, visit

Company Contacts:

Matt Apprendi, VP Digital Solutions

Proclivity Systems
Alaric Craig
Director, Partnerships & Operations