Leverages New and Exclusive Partnerships for Oncology Insights across the Community and Academic Settings

NEW YORK, NY, February 7, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Prognos Health, the most-trusted provider of real-world data, today announced the launch of Prognos Oncology, a real-world data product dedicated to revolutionizing cancer care by delivering unparalleled access to harmonized, multi-source oncology data. This powerful platform empowers pharmaceutical companies to achieve excellence in commercial launch planning and activation, ultimately expediting access to life-saving therapies for patients in need.

Prognos Oncology connects an extensive network of data providers, and when combined with Prognos' proprietary data harmonization and enrichment process, offers unique advantages:

  • New partnerships and data coming to market: With the top three national labs on Datavant token and the largest Liquid Biopsy (LB) and Comprehensive Genomic Profiling  (CGP) testing lab in the US.
  • Exclusive access: To healthcare professionals and patients only available through Prognos.
  • Diverse oncology genomics data: National coverage in academic and community-based settings, tissue type (liquid and solid tissue), and testing platforms (NGS, IHC, PCR, FISH, and more).
  • Transparency of sources: Includes testing from all major NGS testing labs and grows organically as new labs are added.
  • Comprehensive Genomic Profiling (CGP): Covers tumor types (tissue and liquid biopsy) and oncology-related routine testing.

This combination of data breadth, depth, and harmonization empowers Prognos Oncology to deliver actionable insights and solutions for life sciences and pharmaceutical customers. Commercial teams will be empowered to leverage Prognos’ Precision Marketing suite to pinpoint high-value prescribers, gain deep patient insights, and inform targeted launch strategies based on emerging trends. This will ultimately shorten the time it takes for patients to receive potentially life-saving treatment. 

"The launch of Prognos Oncology marks a pivotal moment in our mission to unlock the power of data for better health outcomes. By dedicating our resources to the specific needs of the oncology space, we're amplifying our impact like never before. Armed with harmonized, multi-source data, we can empower life sciences and pharmaceutical companies to navigate the complexities of cancer care. This means faster and more targeted therapies reaching patients sooner, ultimately giving them a fighting chance in the face of formidable disease,” said Sundeep Bhan, CEO of Prognos Health. “Prognos Oncology is a cornerstone of our commitment to a future where data-driven insights translate into real hope for those battling cancer."

To learn more about Prognos Oncology attend our webinar Thursday, February 8, 2024 at 11:00am Eastern Time / 8:00am Pacific Time. Register here to attend.

About Prognos Health

Prognos Health is a trusted provider of actionable real-world data (RWD) in the life sciences industry that is driven by its mission to unlock the power of data to improve health. Prognos Health’s exclusive, unique datasets unlock valuable insights in complex clinical populations across the entire commercial lifecycle, going beyond traditional RWD offerings. Prognos helps life sciences companies accelerate the development and delivery of innovative therapies and improve health outcomes by offering fully integrated and harmonized lab and health records on more than 325 million de-identified patients.

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