Jacob Javitz Convention Center, New York City

Join Prognos and other innovative companies at the Javitz Center on July 11th for an event only AWS can pull together.

Session Title: Leveraging an AWS stack to predict patient risk.

Adam Petranovich, Chief Data Scientist

Thursday, Jul 11, 12:00 PM – 12:30 PM
Startup Central (Expo, 3B, Level 3)

Prognos is an NYC-based healthcare innovator with a mission to improve health by driving the best actions learned from the world’s data. In order to achieve this goal we have curated the world’s largest clinical lab dataset –covering almost 200M patients beginning in the U.S.  We are currently deploying the most advanced technology available for predicting disease at the earliest possible time to reduce the burden of the patient journey. In this talk, we will showcase our AWS architecture that enables us to  deliver real-time patient predictions. We will highlight Prognos’ use of several core technologies including: Amazon Sagemaker, AWS Lambda and S3 Select to deliver clinical predictions at scale.