NEW YORK — Prognos Health, a leading clinically-focused healthcare analytics company, today announced the launch of a new integrated platform to transform healthcare analytics. Prognos Factor™ unifies data across the healthcare landscape allowing pharmaceutical companies, providers and payers to pinpoint insights at decision-making speeds and deliver a clear picture of opportunities to improve outcomes along the patient journey. 

“With Prognos Factor, we have made cohort design and patient journey mapping much faster, more flexible, and far more iterative,” said Melissa Leonhauser, vice president of life sciences product strategy, Prognos Health. “Using our deep understanding of the needs of our clients, we created a platform to support them in their quest to improve outcomes for the diseases they treat.”

Prognos Factor features intuitive applications for cohort design and patient journey mapping to enable companies to securely, efficiently and cost-effectively turn trusted, diverse healthcare data into highly scalable and digestible analytics. Drawing from the largest registry of lab, medical and prescription data assets, clients can query more than 30 billion lab records and 325 million de-identified patients to choose the right patient population to answer key healthcare questions in a matter of seconds. 

“In addition to speed, we’ve also introduced a deeper level of clinical specificity based on our unique expertise harmonizing and integrating lab test results with closed medical and prescription claims,” continued Leonhauser. “The ability to iterate quickly and understand where there may be opportunity to treat a second- or third-line occurrence of a disease at any time of the brand lifecycle is incredibly valuable to our clients.” 

With market leading clinical specificity, the cohort designer allows companies to iterate over the brand lifecycle; query clinically-specific data on patient demographics, physician counts and specialties; identify top diagnoses, therapy classes and molecules; and price and compare diverse data options with each iteration. In addition, the patient journey capability allows companies to answer key healthcare questions by providing analytics on market share, specific events and time between events, lines of therapy and more.

“Using an advanced technology stack, our own proprietary technology, a diverse marketplace of healthcare data, and a deep understanding of harmonized lab data, we have been able to create an easy-to-use platform that takes messy, unstandardized lab data and combines and packages it in a digestible and compliant way to answer meaningful questions about the patient journey,” said Jason Bhan, M.D., chief medical officer, Prognos Health. 

The platform’s ability to query large amounts of patient-centric healthcare data quickly is supported by Prognos’ proprietary technology, healthLOGIC™. Using healthcare-specific software language, users are able to access patient history without a scan or key lookup, reducing query latency while providing greater clinical specificity with unprecedented speed and accuracy. 

About Prognos Health

Prognos is a leading clinically-focused healthcare analytics company with a platform that can query patient-centric data to answer key healthcare questions in minutes not months. The Prognos Factor™ platform addresses payer, life sciences and provider needs, enabling clients to securely, efficiently and cost effectively analyze billions of lab and health records on more than 325 million de-identified patients. Prognos Factor is HIPAA compliant and harmonizes and integrates lab data with other healthcare data assets from a trusted and diverse data ecosystem. For more information, visit and watch the Prognos Factor video.