Prognos’ Signal arms life sciences brands with diagnostic alerts to power their omni-channel marketing tactics

NEW YORK (February 22, 2019) – Prognos announced the launch of a groundbreaking digital solution today that will help life science brands use real-world diagnostic alerts to treat patients more efficiently. The healthcare AI company will introduce the product at the DigiPharma Connect Conference, a forum for senior-level digital marketers in pharmacy and biotech, which will be held February 25th through 27th.

Signal is the first clinically-relevant digital alert powered by AI that enables life science brands to extend reach and optimize programmatic advertising engagement with healthcare providers. It uses the Prognos Registry of more than 20 billion unique clinical records and advanced AI applications.

“This is the first time life science brands are able to harness near-real time clinical insights to act while treatment decisions are being made,” says Matt Apprendi, Vice President of Digital Products for Prognos. “They can synchronize messaging to healthcare providers across personal, non-personal and digital advertising channels. Early adopters are using Prognos’ Signal to gain a competitive advantage so they can be relevant and top of mind at the right time.”

The new product furthers Prognos’ goal of improving health by predicting disease the earliest.  “Prognos’ Signal provides a compelling solution that marries timely diagnostic data with AI insights to power the digital strategies for life science brands,” says Theresa Greco, CCO of Prognos.

About Prognos

Prognos is a healthcare AI company focused on predicting disease to drive decisions earlier in healthcare in collaboration with payers, Life Sciences and diagnostics companies. The Prognos Registry is the largest source of clinical diagnostics information in 50 disease areas, with over 20 billion medical records for 200 million patients. Prognos has 1,000 extensive proprietary and learning clinical algorithms to enable earlier patient identification for enhanced treatment decision-making, risk management and quality improvement. The company is supported by a $42M investment from Safeguard Scientifics, Inc., Merck Global Health Innovation Fund, Cigna, GIS Strategic Ventures, Hikma Ventures, Hermed Capital, and Maywic Select Investments. For more information, visit

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