Partnership to ensure faster end-to-end certification process

Prognos Health a leading healthcare analytics platform company, and Mirador Analytics, the leading HIPAA expert determination provider, today announced a strategic partnership to provide Prognos clients with a more streamlined end-to-end HIPAA certification process that reduces risk.

“At Prognos, we are committed to maintaining the highest level of privacy and security for our data and our technology. This partnership with Mirador is an extension of that promise,” said Jason Bhan, MD, co-founder and chief medical officer, Prognos Health. “By working with Mirador to integrate their leading expert determination services and support into our Prognos Factor platform, our clients can be assured that our analytics or data purchase options on our marketplace are fully de-identified and compliant with HIPAA privacy regulations.”

By partnering with Mirador Analytics, Prognos is able to utilize a suite of programmatic tests to assess the risk of re-identification in healthcare datasets, tools to determine dataset compliance, and have access to an automated approach to removing elements that present any potential risk for re-identification.

“At Mirador, we understand that organizations need more agile access and greater value from healthcare data and so we help them to innovate and improve care quality without compromising compliance and patient confidentiality. We’re excited to partner with Prognos because they have something unique – the ability to link lab test result data with other, more traditional and emerging datasets at scale,” shared Jamie Blackport, founder and chief executive officer, Mirador Analytics. “We look forward to expanding our partnership to accelerate our expert-led risk monitoring automation processes within the Prognos environment.” 

To continue improving scalability, Prognos Health and Mirador Analytics seek to further develop the partnership in the future to provide an even faster, more automated process using a SaaS model embedded within Prognos Health’s Prognos Factor platform.

About Prognos Health

Prognos Health is the leading clinically-focused data and analytics platform company. The Prognos Factor platform has the power to query billions of fully-integrated lab and health records on more than 325 million de-identified patients to answer or uncover key healthcare questions in minutes, not months. Prognos enables the agile exchange of integrated, patient-centric data between key healthcare stakeholders directly from the Prognos Marketplace. Leveraging the company’s patent-pending technology, clients and partners benefit from a range of analytics applications, including cohort design, patient journey studies, omnichannel marketing and more. 

About Mirador Analytics

Mirador Analytics supports organizations across the healthcare ecosystem to ensure privacy protection of individuals through expert evaluation of data de-identification and use of proprietary software solutions. Mirador Analytics aims to achieve high levels of privacy for individuals while maximizing data utility to allow for innovation, efficiency, and development in healthcare.

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