Patient data and analytics software that accelerates your path to clinical truth.

Analyzing de-identified patient data is essential to optimize commercial brand strategy. But current methods of obtaining this data can be challenging. 

Patient data comes in various types and formats from diverse sources. Working with multiple vendors to get the data you need is costly and time-consuming. And the lack of standardized formats makes data integration and compliance difficult. These factors impede getting purchased data into production quickly and affordably. 

Now there’s a more practical way. The Prognos Marketplace. The one-stop platform to identify and purchase patient-centric data, when and how you need it. Prognos Marketplace is powered by Prognos Factor, the largest collection of harmonized data from the most trusted sources. 

With Marketplace, easily access integrated real world data and make on-demand purchases to accelerate your HEOR and commercial objectives. Build your patient population by selecting clinical and demographic values most aligned with your therapy. Price and refine your selected patient cohort based on your budget or criteria. Purchase the underlying record level data of de-identified patients and then apply your data in diverse ways such as commercial launch optimization, patient journey studies, marketing and ad strategy, as well as other business applications. Filtering through complex criteria has never been easier. 

We use Datavant, a privacy-compliant company, to de-identify and link real world data. Streamlining integration with a vast ecosystem of data sources to enrich your insights. 

Prognos marketplace gets your purchased real world data into production quickly, accelerating your time to value and giving you a competitive edge to improve patient outcomes earlier in their journey. What’s more, you can try before you buy healthcare data and customize your patient cohort prior to purchase, thereby allowing different combinations of data to flow through. 

Prognos Marketplace powered by Prognos Factor. Faster clinical truths for more meaningful intervention.

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