Prognos MarketplaceTM Transforms How Real World Data is Acquired and Applied

New York City Prognos Health, the leading healthcare data and analytics platform company, today announced the launch of Prognos Marketplace, a diverse and growing ecosystem of integrated, patient-centric data. Marketplace, part of the company’s Prognos Factor platform, creates a new way to access, manage and apply data that addresses many common industry pain points related to purchasing, storing, integrating and analyzing de-identified patient data. 

With the availability of diverse data sources, Prognos Marketplace establishes a single platform for life sciences companies to acquire the healthcare data needed to address a variety of business applications, including cohort design, patient journey studies, health outcomes and more. Marketplace currently houses the largest collection of harmonized lab sources integrated with multiple large sources of open prescription and medical claims, and one of the largest sources of closed-system medical and prescription claims, with new sources and additional data types being added regularly. 

“Marketplace is a game changer for how life sciences companies acquire, manage and operationalize data,” said Theresa Greco, chief commercial officer, Prognos Health. “With dozens of sources and more than 45 billion healthcare records for 325 million de-identified patients already available, Marketplace provides our customers with a more efficient, iterative way to query and acquire patient-centric healthcare data to meet their specific needs.”

Leveraging the speed of Prognos Factor and its proprietary underlying technology, Marketplace is built to be flexible and provide a high level of specificity in the data selection process. Users are able to define their ideal patient cohort and access key demographic, therapeutic and physician insights before purchasing the data. This ability to identify and select data at the patient transaction level creates greater value than the traditional method of purchasing data from multiple sources. In addition, Prognos does the work to harmonize the data to address any concerns about inconsistencies between sources, ensuring the data delivered is optimized for analysis and use. The resulting HIPAA-compliant, multi-source patient cohort is delivered in a private cloud or to an application in a matter of minutes.

“Marketplace does more than just transform the way clinical data is acquired and managed, it also enables the agile exchange of integrated, patient-centric data between key healthcare stakeholders, giving sources a new outlet for their data,” continued Greco. 

For sources of real world data, Prognos Marketplace provides a new ecosystem in which to present their data. This cost-effective exchange of real world data not only creates a new method for sources to make their data assets available, but also improves the quality and depth of data available to be used to improve patient interventions. 

The launch of Prognos Marketplace will help to propel the industry forward as it strives to keep pace with digital transformation and deliver more personalized therapies to improve health outcomes. 

About Prognos Health

Prognos Health is the leading clinically-focused data and analytics platform company. The Prognos Factor platform has the power to query billions of fully-integrated lab and health records on more than 325 million de-identified patients to answer or uncover key healthcare questions in minutes, not months. Prognos enables the agile exchange of integrated, patient-centric data between key healthcare stakeholders directly from the Prognos Marketplace. Leveraging the company’s patent-pending technology, clients and partners benefit from a range of analytics applications, including cohort design, patient journey studies, omnichannel marketing and more. For more information, visit